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Willow Brook Preston. Client - Clear Edge Developments:

"ROOTS architects are without doubt one of, if not the, leading architectural practice in West Yorkshire, and offer a refreshingly down-to-earth professional service matched only by their passion for design and unbounding attention to detail"

planning policy analysis


We thoroughly investigate at an early stage any potential restrictions that local planning policies might present to your project. ROOTS architects are well read in regional planning policy and analysis. As a result, we are astute in researching and deciphering the subtle differences between the local planning authorities across West Yorkshire and Lancashire. Quickly establishing the statutory framework works equally well with both large and small scale projects informing important early decision making.

feasibility studies

Feasibility studies as the words suggest, examines at the earliest stage whether a project is possible or probable, for example, commercially viable. This is usually a quick exercise testing the clients’ initial brief against restrictions. This site did not fit the clients’ aspirations and business case therefore, was found to be not feasible.

concept design

The best concept design solves complex problems with a simple solution regardless of scale


building surveys

ROOTS architects are centrally based in the conservation area of Hebden Bridge. Subsequently, a larger than normal proportion of our projects involve developing / converting / refurbishing / extending existing buildings. This generally requires a building survey. With a firm understanding of existing buildings across time, ROOTS architects can quickly assess and and accurately record any building. Western Architecture by R. Furneaux Jordan (1969, 1st Edition) is a good read for the novice with crisp B+W illustrations.

measured drawings

When working with existing buildings, the measured drawings have to be right. This building was built using an imperial Accrington brick with a narrow  mortar joint.

outline planning consent

A guidance note can be found on the planning portal here. Slotting into the landscape typical of the local topography, this project for outline planning consent on a difficult site addresses access, scale and site layout. Details to follow in a reserved matters application include appearance, plan layouts and landscaping.

design development

It’s important that the client is given ample opportunity for design development. This allows the client to streamline their ideas as well as consider other project options prior to applying for Full Planning Consent.


full planning consent

With small scale projects in particular, a question that often arises is 'do I need planning permission?'. Some works are permitted development meaning that planning permission is not required. For domestic projects, you can find a great link here to assist your preliminary investigations into full planning consent versus permitted development.

listed building consent

A Listed Building Consent Application would normally be made parallel to and consistent with the planning application. Although not insurmountable, the requirements for listed building consent are more onerous than the Planning Application. It is useful to know that if your building is listed then the listing extends to the buildings' curtilage. Great link: find listed buildings here , a Listed Building Consent Application and view a sample Heritage Statement below:


building regulations

Building Regulations are required for most projects.There are broadly speaking two options in how you approach Building Regulations. This link and this from Cheshire East Council offer a straight forward explanation

drawings for costing

It is prudent to undertake cost reviews from the early stages of your project that will firm up as design and detail develop. In the later stages, detailed specification and / or detailed drawings for tender purposes can assist in providing you with a more accurate projection of potential costs.

construction drawings

Depending on the nature of the building contract, construction drawings are sometimes required. These would follow the tendering process and document refined detail and specification for construction purposes.




client care

To ensure continual design quality throughout the complete design and construction process, it is prudent for the project manager to procure, collate and assess working drawings as work progresses on site. This could include components, fixtures and fittings, key construction details and relevant schedules for approval. This provides the client with the opportunities to investigate the next level of detail as well as ensuring that the finer detail is not overlooked. The fenestration and fitting of this picture window for example, is critical to the success of this aspect.

town planning

Hebden Bridge 1905 – 2015 Town Planning Analysis


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